About Us

My name is John Heuerman

A native to the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in the North Cascades in the logging town of Sultan Washington. I moved to Alaska in my early 20s where I found work as a roofer and a gold miner. I eventually found my way South living on the big Island of Hawaii working the land as an avocado and macadamia nut Farmer. The Cascades eventually called me home where the seasons are distinct and the air is clean and have been working as a carpenter sense.

I build, it’s what I’m oriented towards. I’m currently building my  life in Kingston, while my wife and kids find peace and community here in the country.

Duramen builds was created as a catalyst to serve. We don’t just build to create structures. We build support, we build connection. We “Build with Heart”

What Sets Us Apart

You are the focus. We work to understand the motivation behind your project so we can best serve based on your vision, timeframe, and budget. We answer our phone or respond within 24 hours to answer your questions concerns.

The last 3% of your project where Duramen builds shines because it is given just as much care and attention as any other portion. The final punch list, customer walk-through and final clean up is how we cultivate long-term clients and referrals.